We, the Utah Simulation Coalition, make this statement concerning justice, equity, diversity and inclusion relative to our professional healthcare team and our community whom we serve. Moving forward, we believe our commitment to you requires we stand for reform of our current world practices, the interests we serve and the people who are excluded in these practices.

In the wake of George Floyd, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and many others, we commit our services to save lives and to answer the call of “I can’t breathe”. The history of healthcare bears truths of unequal treatment, racial and ethnic disparities which also reflects access to care. We commit our services to support and promote inclusive healthcare access, equal treatment and educational inclusivity and diversity.

Further, we understand that despite the best intentions, biases in workplaces, microaggressions and exclusive behavior are abound wherein these contribute to group biased thinking and disparate treatment. We pledge to personally check our biases and to educate our communities in the quest to not only educate against racism but also to be anti-racist.

Only with a system of accountability can we shoulder this responsibility collectively and dismantle the white supremacist foundation upon which so much of this society is built. Change will come and we respect the lived experiences of our colleagues. As we do this, we will share the same values of our diverse colleagues and we pledge to support them as equals.

We further support the statements of The American Association of University Professors, The American Medical Association, The American Nurses Association, The American Public Health Association and numerous other anti-racist, anti- police brutality organizations.

Utah Simulation Coalition